DOLCE&GABBANA GenD Project vol.2
D&G via Broggi 19, Milan,Italy
2024.04.16 - 2024.04.21
Ceramic Nacre

Drawing on the vision of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana to support young designers and immerse them in the beauty of Italy, the second edition of Gen D – Designer Generation is set to make its mark. Eleven designers under 40, handpicked from various countries by the project curator Federica Sala, will converge at Via Broggi 19, Milan, to celebrate cultural diversity through the universal language of design. With a rich tapestry of experiences and influences, they’ll craft a vibrant mosaic of styles and perspectives that transcends continents and traditions.

"Ceramic Nacre" design was inspired by the intricate craftsmanship of things like Italian mosaics. Some of the creativity for this project came from things like the fashion of Milano and the beauty of the city itself. This was my unique spin on the Italian mosaic using traditional Korean lacquerware, which, like mosaics, is made up of tiny pieces of abalone shells. I used digital software to distort these traditional motifs to try to bring the past of furniture design into a more modern form. To contrast with the detailed craftsmanship of the traditional cabinets and dresser drawers for which this technique is typically used, I used a somewhat playful design and shape to make my own display case piece. The cut-off box and the base box itself contrast with one another, with the abstract mosaic pattern and use of steel introduce a further layer of divergence.