Kim Byungsub

‘Kim Byungsub’ is a designer based in Seoul who express the blank and balance between contemporary and traditional elements. Design furniture, space, and artwork.


Studio KIMBYUNGSUB, 2021-
Dolce&Gabbana Generation Designer, 2024
Designer, PRACTICE Interior Design Studio, 2023–
Dept. of Spatial Design, Kookmin University, 2016–2022


‘Mirror Bench’ Participated in the photo shoot with Got7, JayB, 2021
Villa Records Bar ‘Zero Waste Coaster participation in development, 2021
Exhibition ‘here or there’ general planning, 2022
‘Stainlesswood chair serises’, Participate in Samsung Bespoke Original Series Advertising, 2022 Participate in ‘Seoul Design 2022’, 2022
Miro Meta Art Award, 2023

GSL Gallery Opening Exhibition, Le Salon De Septembre, 2023

Participate in ‘DDP Design Fair’, 2023

DDP Design Award, Best Design Selected, 2023

Exhibition, BLUE STEEL, 2024

Participate in ‘Collectible Fair’ at Brussels, 2024
‘UB serises’ Participate in KIA Motors, 2024

DOLCE&GABBANA GenD Project vol.2, 2024


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